About the book

GRiP New cover

The story is colourful, inventive, full of character and characters, and told with a dry wit.

Suitable for children of all ages, from 14 to 94.

GRiPPENHAM is the capital village of the Quadrant of ShireGrip. There are several villages in ShireGrip and many Quadrants within the Principality (that was) of g’Shia.

The story of The Hidden Truth is told by Arvee Thropplegrip who holds the honourable position of GRiPPENHAM Village Narrator.  Having introduced us to some of the customs, beliefs, legends, traditions and the magic of GRiPPENHAM, his story unfolds.

The day Tom saw the light was just ten days before he became invisible for the first time. Eleven days later, together with Arthur, Ivy and Mildred, Tom travelled beyond the GRiPPENHAM boundaries for the first time in his life.

Whilst walking home from school through a meadow, Tom witnesses a group of strange people engaged in an act of theft.  Hearing about this on the evening news, Arthur (Tom’s best friend) and his twin sister Ivy, go to visit Tom in hospital where he is recovering from his ordeal.

The theft is part of an elaborate plan by Jeremy Suregrip, to secure an ongoing supply of ingredients for a mind controlling potion, which he has already been using to great effect in Nuffingham (the capital town of Nuff Hundred).  Jeremy tries to administer a dose of his potion to Tom in order to wipe his memory of the theft, but the plan goes horribly wrong, as Arthur and Ivy soon discover when both Tom and his parents take the potion.  Unable to control the situation, Jeremy changes his plans and leaves GRiPPENHAM hurriedly.

Ivy and Arthur (together with Uncle Max and 2nd Cousin Mildred) work together to uncover the clues that will save Tom and his parents from the effects of the potion, and resolve the theft.

They embark on a series of adventures.  Clues are gathered at the Great Oak, the Corner Shop, and a curious old booke shoppe.  Enough antidote is found to treat Tom, but not his parents.  The legal system is frustratingly slow, but with Uncle Max’s help, Arthur, Ivy, Tom and Mildred get things moving. By an amazing stroke of luck and a miraculous, if not magical set of coincidences, they all find themselves in Nuffingham where they can continue their adventures: starting with the journey itself. As the story unfolds, it is a race against time to save Tom’s family.