About Me

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorn in 1946 in Brighton, I live in Reading with my wife Angie, where I have lived for most of my life.

I have two wonderful sons from my marriage to Sue, and am lucky to enjoy loving family ties.

Most of my life was spent working in finance.  I took a break from that in the late 60′s to early 70′s to forge a career in music.  My attempt to follow in the steps of the Beatles and travel to Germany with local pop group “The Mackandas”, was short lived.  I quit my job, and the band promptly folded.  I then formed the folk group Tudor Lodge and had a little more success; recording an album for Vertigo and appearing at Cambridge festival before that too ended.  We reformed in 1980, and this is still an important part of my life.

There have been a couple of other musical endeavours along the way; the most recent being the formation of a blues trio as an outlet for the songs I started writing around 2011.  We are recording and gigging as John Cee Stannard and Blues Horizon.

I wrote the first 35 pages of The Hidden Truth in January 2007.  I then did nothing for a year and a half.  By that time, three things had happened. Firstly, I had got enough encouragement to motivate me into thinking it was worth actually trying to finish the book. Secondly, I had a laptop, with all the flexibility and technical help that brings with it – I could never have coped with writing it long hand, then re-writing it long hand, time and time again.  Copy – paste – save – bliss.  The third and final thing to happen was that some friends offered me a bolt hole in Devon where I could go to concentrate on the task a week at a time.  Without these three ingredients, the book would never have happened.  I completed the novel in July 2012, and it then went on the back burner whilst I concentrated on a couple of music projects.  By August 2014 I was ready to share it on Kindle.

Whilst I enjoyed most of my working life in finance, I am now very very happily retired.  My time is divided between the music of Tudor Lodge, Blues Horizon, song writing, travel, and generally enjoying life.

Thank you for visiting my site.  If you choose to buy a copy of “The GRiPPENHAM Tales – The Hidden Truth”, then I thank you again.

Who knows, I may even be tempted to embark on the next GRiPPENHAM Tale.